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Rembrandt Park One

The private offices are designed to meet the demands of modern-day work and are driven by quality of environment, sustainability, smart building technology and modern, flexible ways of working. And on top of that, they offer a spectacular view over the park, which is also the ideal place to spend some time outside. What makes Rembrandt Park stand out are the superior designed common areas, co-working spots and meeting rooms that will captivate your employees and guests.




Experience Rembrandt Park One

For who?

Rembrandt Park offers workspaces for individuals, small teams, mid-size businesses and large companies.

Get access to the coworking area and pay-per-use. Or book a day office or meeting room as much and as long as needed with or without a contract.

Small Teams
Choose a fully equipped private office – with access to shared amenities for the full hybrid work experience and come with fully flexible contracts.

Mid-size businesses
More interested in a long-term private office, in that case Rembrandt Park offers private offices (core and shell or turn-key) on the 3rd floor of the building. Share your pantry and sanitary groups but have your own private office area to create the vibe that fits your company. (Conventional lease: starting from 250 sq.m. LFA and 5 years lease term)

Large companies
Create an office environment that suits your business. With large floor of 1,986 sq.m. LFA, excellent flexibility due to the lay out of the floors and the common facilities in the building, tenants at Rembrandt Park can decrease their total amount of lettable area and have the 360 views from one (or more) floors in the building. (Conventional lease: minimum area is one floor and 5 years lease term).

Rembrandt Park One

Rembrandt Park will offer high quality offices that come with the standards below:

Shell condition will include:

  • Climate ceiling comfort class A LED lighting with daylight motion sensors
  • Connection for a pantry on every floor
  • Two sanitary groups per floor
  • Option to include a shower on every floor
  • Ceiling height of at least 2.70 metres on every floor

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Rembrandt Park One

Would you like to know more about the options at Rembrandt Park One? Or the incredible view of the park when you look out the window? No problem. All you have to do is reach out.